Will your business be on the High Street in 2025? An exclusive event from FreshMinds

FreshMinds is excited to announce a unique pop-up event, designed to provide senior insight and marketing professionals with an exclusive look at the future of the high street and to help them take advantage of this rapidly changing landscape.

The event, which will be held in a secret pop-up location in London, will give attendees a glimpse of the high street shopper of the future and provide them with the chance to see FreshMinds’ vision for the High Street of 2025 based on extensive research.

At the event, FreshMinds will also be joined by a panel of retail experts, including Marks and Spencer, notonthehighstreet.com, disruptive start-up Appear Here and retail and development management firm Ashcroft to discuss the findings.

The event marks the culmination of an extensive piece of research involving quantitative research powered by Respondi, a series of creative workshops with consumers and expert interviews with a number of leading British retailers.