Why I’m proud we’re nominated for Best Place To Work (one of the reasons!)

On the 10th November one of the team asked if FreshMinds would support #equalpayday and allow colleagues to stop work at 3.34pm, the time that women in the UK effectively start working for free in comparison to men, because of pay inequality.

I was happy to support the action. It aptly reflected three principles that guide how FreshMinds does things: we’re committed to equality, to meritocratic progression and to empowering the people within our business.

I encouraged not just the women to down tools but the men too and I’m proud that they did. This action made me reflect on how committed FreshMinds is to equal treatment for all. We are a business that positively encourages all our staff to achieve their potential.

We also recognise that collectively as insight and innovation consultancies and research agencies we need to do more to improve the diversity of our industry. That’s why our colleagues play an active role in the MRS diversity panel.

We have great respect for the individuals in our business. We work hard with our colleagues to create career paths tailored to their strengths and ambitions. And we support them in working in ways that best suit their lifestyles, offering flexibility. We hire brilliant people and we prize their contribution to the business. So if that means supporting team members who choose to commute from Italy, giving colleagues the time and space to continue study alongside their work or offering flexible work patterns to support colleagues with caring roles, we are keen to find a mutually beneficial path. We want to keep that expert experience in our business and I think that is part of why we have been shortlisted for the MRS Best Place To Work award. It’s such a great recognition of how important our people are to us that the nomination feels like a win in itself – although we’d obviously love the trophy too.

#equalpayday reminded me that we need to keep a focus on continuing to ensure fairness runs through all we do. Looking at the initiative of our team to participate in the action also reminded me once more about what makes our business great: it’s our people. They’re switched on, they’re connected and they’re amped. They make coming to work and achieving excellence fun. I am proud to introduce them to our clients.