Who’s involved in the key decisions that teenagers make?

As part of our Teens in 2017 research, we sought to understand who is involved in the decisions that teenagers make, relating to both big life decisions and the items they buy.

Teenagers’ views on careers and education are strongly influenced by their parents. But teens believe that they are the ones who make the decisions relating to these areas of their lives.

Teenagers also say that decisions around clothes, TV, music and what to spend their money on are also made by them alone. This is also the case for the apps they download. Three quarters of teens say that they alone are responsible for this, representing the area where teens see themselves as having the greatest say in decision making:

Despite this there are many areas of teenagers’ lives where parents have greater involvement in the decisions they make. These include who to bank with and which holidays to go on. Parents also have some involvement in technology purchases but teenagers see themselves as
having greater involvement in the decision making process for these items.

It’s worth noting that close friends have very little involvement in the decision making process across the board. Teens believe that they make decisions either independently or together with their parents.