What’s Hot (In the Mind of a Teenager)

Decidedly had a recent guest blogger, teenager Kofi Quinnell, who was here on work experience! Many of our recent projects have been focused on youth and kids, and how to better understand today’s teens. So, we figured this was a perfect opportunity to gain some insight. We asked Kofi to tell us “what’s hot” with teens right now, and here’s what he had to say:

1. Golf Wang

Golf Wang, a brand created by Tyler Okonma (or better known by his stage name, Tyler the Creator) is the epitome of a cool fashion line. The pop-culture influenced collection includes items such as a T-shirt decorated in cherry blossoms like an Arizona green tea bottle, a duffel bag that resembles a watermelon and bold, bright coloured hats with the brand “Golf Wang” emblazed across them.

2. Asian Hip Hop

From its origins in the ‘70s, the hip hop genre has always served the voice of the marginalized and the underdog. Today, a new group of international youth are adopting the culture as their own. Asian hip hop contains clean lyrics that reflect current world events. It’s highly relatable to teens, and Asian artists like Higher Brothers in China and Keith Ape in South Korea make the music because they genuinely enjoy it and see huge growth potential for it in the music space.

3. Hype Beasts

Never heard of a hype beast? You’re not alone. It’s hugely popular amongst teens who are in-the-know about trends. According to Urban Dictionary, “a Hype Beast is a kid that collects clothing, shoes, and accessories for the sole purpose of impressing others.” Hype Beasts are the people that others look to in order to find what’s in fashion, what’s a must-have item and what the next cool thing will be.

4. YouTube Stars

When teens imagine their ideal careers, they’re more likely to see themselves beaming down a camera lens to their adoring YouTube fans than heading up a boardroom. According to Business Insider UK, the highest paid YouTuber is Daniel Middleton. He brings in an amazing $16.5 million income for his Minecraft YouTube videos. With sponsors flooding in, what teenager wouldn’t want the opportunity to travel the world and make massive amounts of money.

5. Vaporwave

Vaporwave is a microgenre of electronic music, that comes from the ‘80s and ‘90s consumer culture. The microgenre often contains ambiguous or satirical takes on capitalism and popular culture, and tends to be characterized by nostalgic elements from entertainment. It’s super accessible with a huge presence on sites like Reddit, 4chan and Last.fm. Vaporwave artists are often nameless entities that prefer to conceal their identity on the internet, driving mass attention from teenagers.

Well, there you have it, now you know what’s hot (in the mind of a teenager at least!)

PS: On his last day, Kofi admitted that Decidedly definitely has the “hot” factor! We agree 😊