Five IFTTT recipes from the FreshMinds Team

FreshMinds brings you our Friday picks – ideas to help you make the most of digital technologies and understand how they are helping brands to grow and innovate. This week we’re sharing our top 5 IFTTT recipes.

IFTTT is a tool that allows consumers to create connections between channels, apps and devices to automate manual processes. The premise is simple. If this happens, then that should happen as a result.

One of the most exciting elements of IFTTT is that it gives consumers the opportunity to tap into the ever expanding Internet of Things. It does this through ‘recipes’ or formulas that foster communication between connected devices to set processes in motion.

So without further ado, here are our top 5 IFTTT recipes:

1) Turn my lights off at home with my voice

This recipe works by linking two connected devices together: Ubi, a voice operated device that enables you to interact with objects in your home, and Phillips Hue, a connected light bulb. By using IFTTT to communicate between the two objects, it’s possible to control the lights by simply telling Ubi what the action you want it to complete.

2) When the outside temperature rises, turn off my heating

Another type of connected device that IFTTT works with is smart heating systems such as Nest and Honeywell’s evohome. By linking the heating system with a user’s smartphone, IFTTT is able to detect the current temperate and then take appropriate actions when it reaches a certain level. In the recipe below users can customise the resulting action – so 21º can either be an impetus to turn the heating down or to turn it off completely.

3) Record my sleeping patterns in a spreadsheet so I can analyse them

The ultimate recipe for fans of the quantified self movement, this formula enables users to understand more about their sleeping patterns by automatically storing relevant data in a spreadsheet when they nap. To do this, the IFTTT recipe connects to Jawbone Up, an activity tracker that records data on a wearer’s movement as well as their sleeping patterns.

4) Message me when my plant needs watering

This IFTTT recipes harnesses one of the lesser known connected devices: Parrot Flower Power. This innovative little device can be nestled into a plant pot to assess whether a plant’s current conditions will foster growth. Parrot Flower Power can assess temperature and sunlight, but in this specific IFTTT recipe, soil moisture is monitored and when it falls below a certain level, an email is sent to the user to remind them to water their plant.

5) When I take a photo with Instagram, share it on Twitter

IFTTT doesn’t just foster connections between different connected devices – it can also get apps to talk to one another. Many of the most popular recipes on IFTTT connected different social media channels together to facilitate the sharing of information on different social channels. In the recipe below, photos shared on Instagram are automatically posted as pictures on Twitter.

IFTTT Recipe: Post your Instagram pictures as native Twitter pictures connects instagram to twitter