Say hello to our new starters April 2017

We’re delighted to welcome four new starters to our team. Say hello to Dominque, Milo, Selina and Claudine!

Dominique joins us as an Account Director having previously worked at Kiosk as a Director. Dominique brings expertise in customer closeness and customer journey mapping so we’re looking forward to working with her to further develop our customer closeness offering and to harness innovative methodologies to get closer to consumers.

Milo Warby and Selina Parmer join us from SuperAwesome. Both specialists in kids and youth research, we can’t wait to hear their thoughts on our recent Teens in 2017 research. Milo joins us as a Consultant, whilst Selina has been appointed as a Senior Associate. Finally, Claudine Levy joins us as an Associate from Spinach, where she was a Junior Account Manager.

We caught up with the four to ask them some questions about their experience so far.

Okay, so first thing’s first: why did you join FreshMinds?

Milo: “I joined FreshMinds because of its rare combination of consultancy expertise with the agility and mentality of a start-up. Having switched-on people is one thing, but a friendly, energetic, and truly collaborative office culture is quite another. Culture and brand are evidently such a big part of FreshMinds (just look at our hummingbird, Rufous!) and this was pretty clear from the start.”

Selina: “FreshMinds struck me as a place develop my skills, working across a variety of methodologies, clients and with people of different skills and specialties. I was also keen to join a rapidly growing team, it seems like a really exciting time to be joining the company!”

Dominique: “I joined on the strength of the awesome, super smart team. Catherine Crump, our CEO, was so inspirational in my interviews – it was easy to see that we had strong but empathetic leadership. I also loved that Rich had started as an IT Analyst and had progressed to be our Head of Digital Transformation – showing me that FreshMinds has great vision and helps its people to flourish and grow no matter what their starting point.”

Claudine: “I joined FreshMinds because it struck me as a thrilling and stretching place to be. The team seemed so passionate about growing (both in terms of growing the business and as individuals) and I wanted to be a part of it!”

Next up, can you describe your first week?

Milo: “Easing into the FreshMinds way of life with intros and some light reading, a friendly bit of ‘brandwashing’ (a new term for me!), wise words on the finest food Holborn has to offer, and being interrogated on my ‘CV Secrets’ by my new colleagues (a FreshMinds tradition to get to know our newest recruits).”

Selina: “Welcomed, excited and, of course fresh!”

Dominique: “My first week was full-on (in a good way!). I went to pitch on my 3rd day which was a great way to just get stuck in. Everyone in the team was really kind to me and I loved the welcome basket with all the FreshMinds branded goodies!”

Claudine: “My first week at FreshMinds was reassuring. Being surrounded by supportive and lovely people was the best start possible.”

Finally, can you tell us what you’re excited to get stuck into at FreshMinds?

Selina: “I’m experienced in both quant and qual, so I’m looking forward to getting as much exposure to different types of projects as possible – so I can find my niche!”

Milo: “Having spent my career to date focused mostly on quant and kids research, I’m looking forward to getting out into the field; working in unusual locations and with new and innovative methodologies. Being in an office full of bright people is great fun, and I’m keen to get involved lots of project brainstorms.”

Dominique: “I am really excited to be working on developing our consumer closeness offer further, helping to develop some exciting accounts and exploring new approaches and tools. FreshMinds is supporting me to bring together lots of strands of my professional interests and career to date to create a role which makes me excited to come to work each day.”

Claudine: “I’m very excited to continue developing my moderation skills at FreshMinds, and I’m particularly excited to dig my teeth into our growing FMCG offering!”