Orlando Woods joins FreshMinds

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Orlando Woods as a Senior Consultant in our team. Orlando joins FreshMinds from Asian Strategies in Singapore where he specialised in researching affluent consumers in and around Asia for financial services and tech brands. Whilst Orlando brings a wealth of experience spanning innovation, product development and brand positioning, he is not be confused with Orlando Wood, who remains very much in residence at Brainjuicer.

Orlando Woods and Orlando Wood are not alone in sharing their name with another industry figure. American actresses Vanessa L Williams and Vanessa A Williams suffer the same fate, as do drummers Roger Taylor and …  you guessed it, Roger Taylor who made their name(s) as part of Duran Duran and Queen.

“Imagine my surprise when Caroline Plumb approached us to say that she was about to issue a press release saying she’d hired an Orlando Woods” Orlando Wood commented. “We’d always thought of Orlando Wood as one of BrainJuicer’s distinctive assets, but it seems I’m not as distinctive as we once thought.”

“I would like to extend my utmost thanks to my doppelgänger for establishing the Orlando Wood(s) brand in the UK’s research industry” said Woods. “I only hope that my arrival will result not just in duplication of names, but of talent as well.”

Orlando is just one of a number of new faces to join FreshMinds. Since the start of the year, FreshMinds has boosted the size of its team, hiring 3 Consultants to support the business’ growth: Chris Leo who joins from Verve, Greg Caterer from Accenture and Jessica Irwin-Brown from awarding body AQA.