Illuminating the path to growth: our refreshed suite of services

Noticed anything different about our feathered friend, Rufous the hummingbird? His new illuminated plumage signals the launch of a refreshed suite of services designed to light the path to growth for our clients.

The refreshed suite of services is made up 6 individual offers that span the entire product and service development cycle – from initial consumer understanding and market assessment, right through to go-to-market strategy:

  • Floodlight Illuminates market opportunities and gets you closer to closer to customers
  • Spark Creative ideation to drive innovation and new ideas
  • Spotlight Accelerates product and service concept development
  • Laser Zooms in on prototypes to rapidly test them in-market
  • Shine Ongoing optimisation of existing products, services or the customer experience
  • Electrify Turbo-charges your brand strategy and communications development


“We encourage our clients to respond with agility to changes in their markets and we wanted to practise what we preach to really strengthen our offering” said FreshMinds CEO Caroline Plumb. “Through our refreshed set of services, we will continue to help our clients capitalise on opportunities for growth but excitingly we have also bolstered our offer to brands in the earliest stages at the innovation process, through our enhanced ideation tool: Spark.”

“For us it was really important that the refreshed suite of services really brought our fantastic brand to the fore” Plumb continues. “You’ll notice that each of our services is named after a different type of light to reflect our brand essence of illuminating minds and highlight our mission: to light the path to growth for our global clients.”

We’re delighted to be showcasing our enhanced ideation tool Spark at GIMRA’s (The General Insurance Market Research Association) next meeting on 17th September. To find out more about Spark or any of our other services, please get in touch.