Go behind the screens: how Screen Time helps us understand device usage

At Decidedly, we’re on a mission to get closer to consumers. So we’ve always got an eye out for new technology that can help us do this. And our latest spot is Screen Time.

Screen Time is a new feature released by Apple as part of its new operating system which gives iPhone users an overview of their device usage. See how many times you’ve picked up your phone in the previous week or discover interesting insights about your app usage. Not only can you see how long you’ve spent on each app in the past 7 days but you can access the built-in graphs to see how this changes across the week.

Being able to see just how long I’ve spent on Instagram in the past 7 days definitely makes for scary reading! But aside from shocking you into a digital detox, what other uses does Screen Time have? Excitingly, it’s allowing us to see how consumers actually interact with their devices and access valuable behavioural data.

Understanding app usage and social media habits are key priorities for many brands. So we wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see exercises asking consumers to share insights from the Screen Time app appearing in broader market research studies. That said, Screen Time does have its limitations. It only provides a high-level overview. And many brands are looking for a greater degree of granularity. When that’s the case, passive tracking research can provide the answer. Able to reveal everything from the time of day people access particular apps to the specific content they view it can be incredibly insightful for brands looking to understand consumers’ digital lives.

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