FreshMinds merger creates dynamic new consultancy

I’m delighted to announce that our award-winning research consultancy FreshMinds Research and our social business consultancy FreshNetworks have joined forces. We’ve come together to create FreshMinds, a growth and innovation consultancy.

We’ve always been passionate about working with our clients to grow and innovate their businesses. And it’s this belief that lies at the heart of our new consultancy. We’ve brought together the best of FreshMinds Research and FreshNetworks, combining research, predictive data analytics and digital strategy services to help our clients achieve growth in a fiercely competitive and fast-paced digital world.

Always at the forefront of the latest developments in social, mobile and digital, we knew that, despite disrupting the competitive landscape, these new technologies and the data they produce were opening up some really exciting opportunities for brands to grow and innovate their businesses.

By taking the best of traditional insight and fusing it with the huge wealth of digital, social and mobile client and enterprise data that’s out there, we’re able to provide our clients with a broader and more relevant set of services. Driven by a commitment to helping our clients succeed in a fast-moving, digital world, we’re working with them, using an agile approach and the growth-hacking techniques of Silicon Valley, to enable them to uncover new markets, rapidly iterate and develop product propositions and devise effective marketing communications strategies that drive growth.

The decision to bring our two businesses together is exciting news for both us and our clients. After a busy six months, I’m more excited than ever about the future. We have a dynamic new brand, enhanced services and new thinking, making FreshMinds a really vibrant place to be.  And we’ve got a new range of capabilities that we’re already using to help our clients grow and innovate more cost-effectively and at greater speed. If you’d like to find out more about FreshMinds and our new services, please get in touch.