Meet FreshMinds – 5 events we’re speaking at

Real-Time Research: An MRS Intelligence Summit

30th January, The Cumberland Hotel, London

Thanks to digital technologies, consumer behaviour has changed beyond all recognition. And this has huge implications for market research. Whilst in the past, we had to rely on historical data, asking consumers what they did, it’s now possible to access data in real-time to discover how respondents think, act and feel in the moment. Our Digital Director, Matt Rhodes will be speaking at the MRS’s Real-Time Research Summit about the possibilities this opens up for us as market researchers, discussing social and real-time data as an insight source.

The Rise of Direct-To-Consumer Platforms, The Platforum

6th February, Henderson Global Investors, London

Our Marketing Director, Helen Trim, will be speaking at the Platforum in February. Helen will be joining the debate, post RDR, about the rise of direct-to-consumer investment platforms. She’ll talking about how advances in digital, social and mobile technology are enticing empowered investors to cut out the independent financial adviser layer. Drawing on examples of disruptive innovators from all over the world, she’ll be sharing thoughts on how established firms can tap into the trends and protect their market share.

Are You Listening? Harnessing Social To Drive Business Decisions

26th February, The Modern Pantry, London

This year FreshMinds will be running a series of events exploring the opportunities that social media provides for insight and marketing professionals. To kick off, we’ll be running a breakfast seminar on focused on social media listening. Drawing on case studies and a special guest speaker, we’ll discuss a number of topics including the best use cases for social media listening tools, building a cost-effective, global listening programme and capturing high quality social data. To secure your place, please register your interest by email.

Is It Time For Insight Teams To Develop Their Community Management Skills?

26th March, The Modern Pantry, London

More and more brands are using social media strategically to understand and work closely with customers – be that through online communities, co-creation hubs or more agile product development methodologies.  In the second of our seminars for insight and marketing professionals, we’ll be looking at the skills needed to engage with consumers effectively online to obtain maximum insight. We’ll also be joined by successful community managers who’ll be sharing their top tips. If you’d like to attend, please register your interest by email.

Market Research Summit 2014

4th – 5th June 2013, Glaziers Hall, London

At last year’s Market Research Summit, FreshMinds CEO Caroline Plumb, made the industry sit up and listen with her presentation on why market research needs to change. This year she’s back discussing social media and its application to the industry. Keep an eye on Market Research Summit’s website to see the agenda when it’s released later this year.