Breaking business-decision-paralysis & other predictions – what Decidedly is hoping for at Christmas!

Looking forward to 2019 we see some clear trends that will shape our industry. We’d love to hear your take – and what you see ahead.

Check in to our social feeds (Twitter / LinkedIn) over the holidays – if you need a break from the festivities! – as the Decidedly team shares our Twelve Days of Christmas Predictions.

 We’ll be covering insight, tech, retail, FMCG and more.

I’m kicking off the series with four trends that I see shaping the business agenda in 2019:


Top of the wish list for 2019 is business certainty. Whichever way you lean, the decision paralysis that has taken hold throughout the Brexit negotiations has been a distraction and has hampered progress. Our consumers and our stakeholders are increasingly hungry to make confident decisions in order to move forward.

Evidence based marketing

There’s no excuse for it but strategy continues to be based on marketers’ hunches or relies on the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ approach rather building on consumer truth. So, as a result, many opportunities for new and improved products and propositions, and even whole customer segments are being missed or being mistargeted. And that translates into tone-deaf marketing, product failure and lost revenue.

Consumer centric is not enough, we need the truth

It’s the absolute foundation of successful innovation. But to access that truth brands must triangulate sources and methodologies. And deal with the three evil Cs of research. If that insight isn’t absolutely on point, it stands to reason the products and strategies built on that foundation will be flawed.

Moon on a stick, but yesterday

Budget holders are increasingly seeking improved ROI, shorter timelines and better managed risk – while insisting on the robust insight and innovation excellence that will fuel business growth. The insight function is under pressure to perform. This year we’ve seen businesses restructuring and even whole insight teams disappear. We can expect more of this next year. So, our response must be a challenge to ourselves to step-up in improving methods and ways of working. More collaboration, working iteratively to mitigate for risk and to accelerate success.