Christmas reading 2016 from FreshMinds

As the year comes to a close, we’re sharing our favourite posts from the FreshMinds blog. Here are 5 pieces to add to your Christmas reading list:

1. What will the automotive industry look like in 2025?

We caught up with Volvo’s Andreas Strasser and Direct Line Group’s Dan Freedman to hear their thoughts on where they think the automotive industry is heading at this year’s MRS Automotive Research Conference. Want to know which trends to watch? Read our interviews with the experts.

2. 4 lessons from Startup Weekend that changed my views on innovation and tech

In October, we headed to Startup Weekend. The goal? To develop a market-beating product in just 54 hours. Not only did our team create the weekend’s winning concept but they also came away with a new perspective on innovation. Chris Leo shares his thoughts on how Startup Weekend has changed his views on the industry.

3. 25 of the most disruptive fintech firms

Fintech firms are changing the face of financial services. But with new entrants springing up left, right and centre it can be hard to keep track. So, this December we sought to profile the 25 firms that we think are the most disruptive – from challenger banks to new payment providers.

4. Brands with purpose: the role of insight in creating campaigns we really care about

Earlier this year, we explored three powerful campaigns from Always, Ariel and Ben and Jerry’s. Three very different campaigns with one thing in common: they’re all rooted in deep consumer insight. Find out more about how these brands are harnessing the power of insight to create campaigns that really resonate.

5. Join The Innovation Conversation

This year we sought to empower insight professionals with the tools, tips and tricks to really make their mark on the innovation process. Looking to find out more about blue ocean strategy or learn some new ideation techniques? Download our whitepaper: Join The Innovation Conversation.