Chatbots will change the face of research. How?

In our recently launched research, Tech Trends Transforming The Insight Industry, we explore four tech trends that we believe will reshape our industry by creating new opportunities to engage consumers in research.

One of these trends is chatbots. In the UK, chatbots are still a fairly early-stage technology. But as they become more commonplace, we believe their usage will extend to the world of research. This will drive disintermediation across the industry, bypassing data collection agencies and, for some tasks, the insight function altogether!

Chatbots will become the research platform of choice

As consumers become used to communicating with brands via chatbot, chatbots will also become a key platform for conducting research. This is already happening, with some organisations running quantitative surveys through Facebook Messenger. This will enable data to be collected at a lower cost and at a faster speed, disintermediating data collection agencies entirely.

As chatbots become ever more advanced, moving beyond providing fixed answers to a limited set of questions and instead using AI to intelligently learn and respond to the inputs they are given, their use cases will extend to qualitative research. AI-powered research chatbots will be able to tailor the questions they ask based on people’s previous answers to gain a deeper and richer level of insight.

Chatbots will replace the insight function for some basic tasks

Beyond this, we see huge potential for chatbots as a tool for accessing insight within a business. Imagine teams across an organisation having access to a chatbot that’s able to scour previous research studies to provide answers to their most pressing questions.

This has huge implications for the role of the insight team, disintermediating their role as a gatekeeper between senior stakeholders and information within a business. But where chatbots fall down and where the insight team will be more important than ever, is in providing the context, commercial knowledge and experience that’s needed to help stakeholders make key decisions on business strategy.

Want to start tapping into chatbots? Here are two steps you can take:

1. Pinpoint where a research chatbot could add real value

Start exploring where a research chatbot might add value to your business. Get your team thinking about where a chatbot could result in greater respondent engagement  than existing research approaches.

2. Try running a survey through a chatbot interface

To get a feel for how chatbots can be applied to research, why not take an existing survey and try building it in a chatbot interface? Test this with a small group of consumers to see how they respond.

Want to know more about how tech trends like chatbots are reshaping the world of research? Download our latest report to learn more about how everything from smart speakers right through to facial recognition is creating new opportunities in our industry.