Why we wish it could be Christmas everyday – celebrating the Decidedly way

Why we wish it could be Christmas everyday – celebrating the Decidedly way

By: Dyra Trikka

It’s Christmas time and at Decidedly, that means Christmas tunes on repeat and the decorations that have been holed up in storage all year make their annual appearance. But the fun doesn’t stop there. We’re all about keeping spirits high during the festive period – embracing different traditions to bring a little joy to everyone at the office. Check out some of our team’s favourite holiday traditions.   


You might have seen pictures on our social feeds (@DecidedlyHQ; LinkedIn) from our Christmas party this year – our first as Decidedly! And if you hadn’t already guessed, our theme this year was “Anything Beginning with D” in homage to our rebrand to Decidedly earlier this year. Every year, everyone in the office votes on a theme for the Christmas Party and they go all out for it when it comes to the costumes! We’ve had 50s theme, Festival theme – and we hope our team has their thinking hats on for next year already.

Forget Christmas Tree Decorating  

Another Decidedly famous Christmas tradition is our Pod Decorating Competition. In the lead up to Christmas, each team is giving free reign to decorate their pod however they want. The winning pod is announced on the day of our Christmas party by a very worthy judge – our security guard Hasan (who you can see scoping out one of the pods with a VR headset in this year’s stiff competition below). And we’re pretty creative (and competitive) when it comes to decorating our pods – from Dinosaurs and Candyland to a Nyan Cat & Doctor Space Disco theme to a Friends-inspired ‘The One When Phoebe’s in Charge of Cups’.


Nothing screams Christmas in the workplace more than Secret Santa. But instead of doing Secret Santa the same way everyone else does it – we’ve added a little something extra. So along with the gift, everyone receives a nomination from their Secret Santa.

Darth Vader and Dennis the Menace receiving their Secret Santa gifts: