Youth Segmentation

Going beyond the stereotypes and into the segments

One Size Fits… None

Young people are all the same, right? Faces buried in their phones, snapchatting their mates or posting selfies on Instagram. At least, that’s what you’d think from the ads and products we see – and we’re fed up with it. That’s why Decidedly set out to go beyond the stereotypes and understand the full diversity of attitudes to technology – busting a few myths along the way. Are young people all slaves to their devices? And are they really so relaxed about sharing their data with brands?


We surveyed more than 2000 people aged 16 – 25, identifying distinct segments and getting to know each one better through lifelogging. The young’uns used their phones to share videos and complete tasks – letting us into their homes, their lives, their worlds. To round it up, we brought each segment to life in professional documentary-style films.


It takes all sorts


It turns out that the one-size-fits-all strategy isn’t working – young people are way more diverse than brands give them credit for. We found six clearly defined segments, ranging from our Social Media Animals, eager to build their personal brand online, to our Tech Sceptics, who are more troubled by the dark side of digital devices. Now, we’re sharing these insights with clients, helping them understand how to target these different segments to really get ahead.


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