Vodafone Secure Net

From Insight to Prototype in just 7 weeks

Keeping kids safe, and parents sane

Secure Net is Vodafone’s flagship service for keeping families safe online. It’s been a big hit – with 17 million customers in 10 markets. But digital parenting is tough. And Vodafone knew there was more they could do to give customers a helping hand.


Ahead of a planned relaunch, Vodafone needed to uncover new possibilities for the service. But they faced one big problem. When you ask parents about keeping their kids safe online, there’s a big disconnect between what they say they’ll do and what they actually do. So, we looked to passive observation and lifelogging to get to the real moments of tension around tech usage at home that would uncover new opportunities for the product.


Armed with this understanding, we ran workshops to turn insights into ideas – and ultimately a set of new features for the service. We brought the concept to life as a prototype app, tested it with consumers and iteratively improved it through rapid UX testing. All in just 7 weeks.


More power to parents


The new Vodafone Secure Net service is currently live in beta version in Spain, with plans to rollout in more markets soon. It’s an absolute lifeline for parents, giving them the power to filter content, block distractions, cut off internet access altogether at bedtime, or pause access at any time. Its success goes to show what you can achieve with agile, insight-driven product development: better products, faster.


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