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Going behind the screens to see what engages kids online


Everyone knows how easily kids can be distracted. One minute you’re flavour of the month and the next you’re like the Tamagotchi – yesterday’s news. Holding their attention is tough. And in the digital age, it’s not getting any easier – even for our client, a leading media brand that’s consistently delivered monster hits for kids.


It came to us looking to get to grips with how kids watch short form and online video content. After getting parental consent, we set up a passive tracking app for two weeks on the devices of children across the UK, France and Sweden. It returned over 5 million lines of data. And to dig even deeper, we also set up ethnographic style “playdates”, to discover what kids really felt about video content and where they hoped it could go in future.




So what did we find? Well, our client is no rookie when it comes to video, and we discovered that their existing content was pushing all the right buttons. The media company decided to up its game and create even more short-form and online video content rooted in the insights uncovered – including a brand new short-form video series.


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