The Decidedly best blog posts of 2018

With festive spirits high all round, we’re reflecting on the past year. And what an exciting year it’s been with our rebrand to Decidedly! So, as the end of year is fast approaching, we thought we’d share our 5 favourite blog posts of 2018:

1. How to create an effective segmentation

Want to know the secret to segmentation success? Are 6 segments the magic number? Discover 5 killer tips from our very own segmentation guru, Sam Davis.

2. Overcoming the 3 evil Cs of research

Have you fallen into the trap of the 3 Evil Cs of Research? Find out what the 3 Evil Cs are and how overcoming them could blow some of your previous findings out of the water.

3. How you’re missing a major revenue trick

Don’t forget about me! Our Head of Strategy, Jane Franklin, explores how brands are alienating target groups in their marketing – and missing key opportunities to serve major pockets of society.

4. It’s time to chase the truth: Meet Passive Observation

Facing the truth can be difficult. Especially when it makes you question your past decisions. And this is about to happen in your research. Passive observation is one of the ways that we at Decidedly get to the truth – uncovering real consumer behaviours in real environments.

5. 5 steps to accelerate critical decision-making

To get ahead and stay there, you need to be able to move fast. But making critical decisions at speed can be difficult. So as an early Christmas present, here are 5 steps to accelerate your decision-making.