Agile Innovation Update – November 2016

Each month we bring you the FreshMinds Agile Innovation Update. This month, we take a look at Fiat’s plans to sell through Amazon, Heineken’s partnership with Deliveroo, the new smart pan which helps cooks calculate their calorie intake and the new banking app aimed at helping students manage their money.

Fiat joins forces with Amazon to sell cars online

Amazon has cornered the market for everything from books to films. Now the firm looks to be setting its sights on cars if its latest partnership with Fiat is anything to go by. The car manufacturer and e-commerce giant have teamed up to sell Fiat vehicles through the site – at discounted rates. At present, the partnership is limited to Italian customers interested in three models – the Fiat 500, Fiat Panda and Fiat 500L – but if successful, it could provide a model for other automotive manufacturers. This would have huge implications for the industry as a whole, transforming the role of the dealership to one of a showroom rather than a sales channel.

Heineken partners with Deliveroo to bring booze to your doorstep

Heineken has announced a partnership with Deliveroo, which will see consumers being able to order beer and cider to their homes within 20 minutes. Heineken will sell brands including Amstel, Old Mout and Bulmers through the newly created Brew House brand and orders will be fulfilled by Deliveroo in partnership with local off-licence shops. The partnership marks the first time that the alcohol brand has offered a direct-to-consumer retail route and provides Heineken with an opportunity to tap into the fast-growing delivery market.

Smart pan helps cooks calculate their calorie intake

San Francisco based food startup, SmartyPans, is hoping to take the cookery world by storm with its new connected pan. The clever device has in-built weight sensors and comes with a corresponding app that helps you to calculate the number of calories in the dishes you cook. In tapping into the quantified self trend, SmartyPans follows in the footsteps of calorie counting apps like MyFitnessPal. What’s interesting about this device though is that it allows consumers to track their food intake in a more passive manner. Simply place your food in the pan, use the voice command functionality to indicate what you’re cooking and SmartyPans takes care of the rest.

Banking startup for students raises a further £2.5 million

Loot, an app designed to provide a new banking experience for students, has this month raised a further £2.5 million in seed funding, taking its total for the year to £4 million. Loot consists of a pre-paid card linked to a money management app, which helps students budget whilst at university. The app’s 23 year-old founder has eschewed applying for a banking license and instead hopes to partner with other firms to offer banking services.