3 brands acing how they land insights

Great insight is worth nothing if it doesn’t lead to action. So we’re always on the lookout for brands delivering insight in memorable ways to create change. At the MRS Kids and Youth conference, we heard inspiring stories from 3 brands doing it right. So how are Britvic, Disney and Beano acing the way they land insights?

Britvic – the Museum of Childhood

With a customer closeness programme called Kidfinity & Beyond, you’d expect that Britvic’s approach to landing insights would be fun. The Kidfinity & Beyond programme is all about helping Britvic to get closer to young people so that they can better design products and marketing to meet their needs. And it’s seen everything from getting board members on Google Hangouts with kids to inviting children into their labs to taste new flavour combinations. But its standout project is the Britvic Museum of Childhood.

That’s right. To get Britvic employees to understand what it’s like to be a kid today, they created a museum. The FMCG giant rented out a London school and got employees to imagine they had travelled far into the future and were now looking back and learning what it was like to be a child in 2018.

Britvic employees could explore different rooms at the museum, each designed to teach them about a different aspect of being a child today. The first, a kid’s bedroom, complete with the toys and tech popular with children today, aimed to introduce them to youth culture. Next, Britvic employees had to make the dreaded trip to see the headmistress so they could not only hear how the curriculum works but experience it too – by sitting their own SATs test! Employees also got chance to learn about the generation’s biggest gaming phenomenon first-hand by taking on Fortnite fans, before finally learning about the pressures facing kids today from a child psychologist.

We love the theatre that Britvic has created with its Museum of Childhood. By creating a spectacle, it’s found a way of making insights unforgettable. As Ash Tailor, Britvic’s Global Category Director and the project’s sponsor, puts it “there’s nothing like a marketeer living it.”

Watch the video below to explore the Museum of Childhood.

Disney – The Audience Explorer

Disney is driven by a mission to put its customers at the heart of everything it does. But to do that, you need to know your customer inside out. And that doesn’t mean remembering what it was like when you were a kid. It means truly understanding the audience of today.

To help staff across its EMEA office do this, Disney created the Audience Explorer, an immersive insight experience which sought to bring extensive research into Disney’s various audiences to life. So how did it work?

Disney invited staff to explore a multi-sensory experience which took them on a journey through the different life stages that engage with the brand. Armed with an Explorer Passport, employees could focus on the audiences that really matter for their line of business. Charged with developing for toys little ones? Learn what it’s really like to be a baby. Lie down and see the world in black and white, exactly as they do and listen to a soundscape that reflects what they hear.

Not only has the Audience Explorer helped to bring research to life, it’s built curiosity within the business and a desire to engage with the insight team. But what we love about this approach is that Disney realised from the get-go that the Audience Explorer isn’t the end game. It’s the start point for further engagement with the business. Disney knows that connecting with stakeholders and building interest in this way is just the first step. It’s now turning its attention to embedding these learnings across the organisation.

Beano – insight on demand

Think Beano’s just about comics and whoopy cushions. Think again. Since the 80 year old brand relaunched with a focus on becoming a global digital platform for 6 – 12 year olds, it’s delivered 400% year on year growth. But how did it get there? Well it’s all driven by a mission to Be More Kid.

Being More Kid obviously necessitates really getting under the skin of what it means to be a young person today. So how does the brand get closer to its target audience and land these insights across the business?

The answer is its team of Beano Trend Spotters, kids that the brand speaks to each week via FaceTime and WhatsApp. The Trend Spotters keep Beano up to date with what’s hot and what’s not. And Beano deliver this insight into the business as soon as they get their hands it. Emails land in everyone’s inbox each week so that teams are able to jump on trends – fast. For instance, finding out about Fortnite early on gave Beano a jump start on the trend, allowing it to deliver new Fortnite related content in just 6 weeks.

Many brands talk about becoming more agile but struggle to make it a reality. Beano is a rare example of a brand that’s really getting this right and using insight to power this change.