The 10 most-read FreshMinds blog posts in 2014

On Fridays, we bring you the FreshMinds picks. This week we’re rounding up the 10 most-read posts from the FreshMinds blog in 2014 including our social media listening report, innovation in the food and drink industry and applications of iBeacons.

Are you Listening? FreshMinds’ social media listening report

In February, we launched our social media listening report, Are you Listening? The report examined the core areas of a business where social media listening can add real value and also reviewed the top social media listening tools available on the market.

3 digital and mobile trends that will drive growth in the gaming sector in 2014

2014 has been an exciting year for the gaming industry, with lots of high profile news including Amazon’s purchase of Twitch and Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift. In February we identified 3 trends predicted to drive growth in the sector in the year ahead: mobile and P2P, the second screen experience and digital marketplaces.

How five food and beverage brands use digital to innovate

At FreshMinds, we avidly follow how brands are using digital technology to drive innovation in their industries. In this blog post, we picked 5 large food and drink companies doing just that – from Cadbury which is using 3D printers in its product development process to AB InBev whose Open Innovation Portal has fostered an innovative, weather-dependent marketing campaign.

Top 5 trends to watch in 2014

At the start of the year, we picked the collaborative economy, wearable technology, personalisation, privacy and agility as our top trends to watch in 2014. The collaborative economy, in particular, has seen significant growth this year. You only need to look to Uber to see this in action – its valuation has more than doubled to $40 billion in the past 6 months.

Sports and political events that will impact social media in 2014

We predicted that the World Cup, Winter Olympics and Indian general elections would have a significant impact on social media in this year. Fast forward to July and Twitter’s record for the number of tweets per minute was smashed, and then smashed again as Germany’s victory over Brazil and then Argentina drove considerable chatter on the social network.

Is Jelly a new market research tool for brands?

January saw the launch of Jelly, a question and answer app from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. The service allows individuals and brands to connect with their audiences on social networks and ask them for text or visual responses to questions. So we asked whether Jelly could be used as a new market research tool for brands, using the app itself to gather responses from our followers on Twitter.

Why iBeacons will transform the customer experience

Little known at the start of the year, iBeacons have become one of the hot topics of 2014. Back in January we began experimenting with a developer’s kit to explore how the technology works in practice. Since then, iBeacons have found favour with a number of retailers including Tesco, Macy’s and House of Fraser.

5 innovative ways of harnessing iBeacons

The first half of the year saw a number of companies experimenting with iBeacons. In May, we explored 5 applications of the technology. These ranged from marketing and market research right through to using the technology to provide a tech- enabled dining experience for customers.

Five innovative examples of crowdsourcing

In March, we turned our attention to crowdsourcing, looking at 5 great examples of companies enlisting the services of the public. Amongst our favourites were Cancer Research’s app that uses the crowd to crunch scientific data and DigitalGlobe’s crowdsourcing efforts to find the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

The company that uses Amazon reviews for new product development

One of our favourite, and most-read, posts of the year is a case study from a called C+A Marketing. The company has done away with traditional, lengthy approaches to product development and is instead using a more agile approach, looking at Amazon reviews to inform future iterations of their products.